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RPL's Gift Ideas Kid Edition

2021 Top Books for Kids

Shopping for a kid in your life? Here are some recent publications we love!

Body, Sex, Relationships: Trusted Sites & Books for Teens

Puberty freaks parents out at least as much as it does teens. Faced with questions they may not be comfortable answering and perhaps hazy on their facts, teens could use a good book (or two or three…) or digital resource on the subject!

Coding Resources for Kids & Teens

If you have a child and/or teen showing an interest in STEM or a budding computer scientist on your hands, be sure to explore all the library has to offer! From recommended apps and websites, to books and even gadgets, we’ve got you covered.

Best Teen Books of 2019

Looking for a gift idea for the holiday season? Or just to enjoy yourself? These teen titles (grades 6-12) are repeatedly featured on many “best of the year” lists!