Kids’ Preschool “Talk” Kit

Kids’ Preschool “Talk” Kit

What’s in the kit?
  • Say Hello Like This! by Mary Murphy
  • The Napping House by Audrey Wood
  • Chalk by Bill Thomson
  • The Red Book by Barbara Lehman
  • Say Hello! by Rachel Isadora
  • One Word from Sophia by Jim Averbeck
  • First 100 Words board book
  • Every Grownup is Famous Storyteller pamphlet
  • Auditory feedback phone
  • Emotions flashcards (2 instruction cards, 40 flashcards)
  • Conversation Cubes (six dice, card)
  • Growing Readers! card
  • Spot it! Jr. Animals game (including storage tin, 31 cards, illustrated rules)
  • 7 Talking is Teaching cards
Who is it for?

The Kids’ Preschool “Talk” Kit is recommended for children in preschool. It is one of five Kids’ Preschool Kit series.

The fine print:

The total replacement for the Kids’ Preschool “Talk” Kit is $150.

The Kids’ Preschool Kit Series Each of the five kits in this series represents a different early literacy practice recommended by Every Child Ready to Read®: Singing, Talking, Reading, Writing, Playing. Each kit includes books, objects, and toys that encourage one practice. These five simple but effective practices can help children develop early literacy skills that will get them ready to read.