Second Chapter Book Sale Room

For $ale!

The Second Chapter book sale room is on hiatus.  A new location is coming soon!

The Second Chapter book sale room is operated by the Friends of the Reading Public Library.  All money raised from Second Chapter returns to the library via the Friends in support of programs, speakers and passes.

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Donating Books

Please only donate during these collection times, and limit your donation to one paper grocery bag as space is limited in the room.


Other places to donate books
  • – Nursing homes.
  • – Prisons
  • – Churches or temples (often for book sales)
  • – Shelters


Payment is on the honor system. Simply put your donation into the lock box on the wall in the Second Chapter Room. You may put any comments or suggestions in the lock box as well.

Hard cover books: $2
Trade paperbacks: $1
Small paperbacks: $.50
CDs: $1
Audiobooks, DVDs, video games: $4