Homeschooling Highlight: Quality App Review Sources

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Homeschooling Highlight: Quality App Review Sources

family with tabletIf you’re looking for a fun and educational app or video game for your children, hopping onto Google or the app store can be overwhelming. Which reviews can you trust? Who is looking out for your kids’ best interest and development? What apps are going to lead to frustration, wasted time, and whining for in-game purchases?

We’ve put together a brief list of trusted sources you can turn to for app reviews and recommendations. One of the best is Children’s Technology Review exchange database, or CTREX. It was started in the early 90s as part of a doctoral project, and is edited by a professor at the Interactive Media program at the College of New Jersey.

With CTREX, you can search for a specific app or game, or you can browse by age range, category, or topic. You can even search for tech tools that the organization has deemed ethical – meaning the game does not manipulate children for monetary purposes. To find ethical apps, select “Special Topics” then “Ethical” from the left side menu.

For a link to CTREX as well as other trusted media review sources, visit our DigiKids page.