Kids books about growing, cooking, and eating food

Kids books about growing, cooking, and eating food

As we look forward to spring and summer, here are some fun books for all ages to learn about where our food comes from and how to cook it! Check out these titles, along with our Kitchen pretend play kit.

    • Ehlert, Lois.
      Eat your greens, reds, yellows, and purples
      “A tasty guide to colorful food, Eat your greens, reds, yellows, and purples is packed with tasty, healthy vegetarian recipes and information on which ingredients are good for you and why”

    • Falwell, Cathryn
      Feast for 10
      Numbers from one to ten are used to tell how members of a family shop and work together to prepare a meal.

    • Hall, Zoe
      The apple pie tree
      Describes an apple tree as it grows leaves and flowers and then produces its fruit, while in its branches robins make a nest, lay eggs, and raise a family. Includes a recipe for apple pie.

    • Hurley, Jorey
      Every color soup
      Describes how to make a colorful, delicious vegetable soup. Includes recipe.

    • Karas, G. Brian
      On the farm, at the market
      On the farm, workers pick vegetables, collect eggs, and make cheese. At the market the next day, the workers set up their stands and prepare for shoppers to arrive. Amy, the baker at the Busy Bee Café, has a very special meal in mind–and, of course, all the farmers show up at the café to enjoy the results of their hard work”

    • Parr, Todd
      The peace book
      Describes peace as making new friends, sharing a meal, feeling good about yourself, and more.

    • Ritchie, Scot
      See what we eat! : a first book of healthy eating
      Visiting an apple farm to pick apples and make an apple crisp for a potluck harvest dinner, Yulee and her friends are treated to a tour of the farm, where they learn what it means to eat balanced meals, why eating local food matters and the numerous steps it takes to get food from the farm to the table.